Tools to Understand & Support Young Minds

We collaboratively work with school’s to help identify children with mental health concerns before they hit crisis point. Once these students are identified the school will put interventions in place to make a difference and be the change.

This can all be done in a few simple steps. First fill in a form making a request on our website. One of our team members will respond by sending you a link to your designated Mental Health Lead. The web link is to be shared with students, who will answer a set of questions based on their wellbeing (Wave 1). 

Did you know?

One in four adults and one in 10 children experience mental illness, and many more of us know and care for people who do.

Wave 1

Covers broad areas around mental health, assessing student’s in areas of – Externalising problems (i.e. conduct problems and hyperactivity), Internalising problems (i.e. emotional symptoms and peer problems), Pro-social behaviours, Resilience (school and peer relationships),  Wellbeing, Stress   The data will then be collated and analysed. The data will be fed back to your designated Mental Health Lead, identifying pupils who have been flagged up in the above areas, during the assessment.

Wave 2

Will be more specific and focused in aspects of Mental Health and Well Being. Areas that will be covered include – Generalised Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, OCD/Repulsion, Depression/Low mood, Social Phobia, Eating and diet issues. Each assessment will take no longer then 10 minutes.

Wave 3 – intervention phase

Once a cycle of interventions is completed for those students. Wave 2 assessments will be repeated to measure impact.

We have teamed up with @DiverseEd2020 @WomenEd @nourishedschool to create a space to discuss what's happening right now for women educators.

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Information for young people about Low Mood and the common associated symptoms 🧠

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